Stockresearch18 | 美股數據中心產業鏈 US Data Centers value chain stocks

目前,最熱門美股當然是數據中心產業鏈相關公司股票 。

At prsent, the hottest US stocks are data centers value chain stocks.

晶片相關 chips related: ASML,TSM, NVDA

人工智能軟件相關 AI Apps and softwares related: MSFT,GOOG, META

數據中心 Data centers: IRM, DLR,EQIX

電訊 Telecomunication :T

手機已成生活一部份,順理成章向上移搜尋有投資價值的好公司,電訊商,數據中心,AI軟件服務供應商 微軟,谷歌, meta facebook ig whatsapp,再去頂AI硬件晶片 TSM, NVIDIA,ASML等。

Mobile uses integrated into our daily life, by searching the good valuable companies from the whole industry value chain upstreams backward- telecommunication,  next up to data centres, then up to artifical intelligence appa softwares providers like microsoft, google, meta facebook ig and whatsapp , finally up to AI hardwares chips such as TSM, NVIDIA and ASML.


Value investors are easily find out excellent value investment companies from this data services value chain industry.

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